Monday, May 4, 2009

Jordan's Birthday

Jordy turned one yesterday! Wow, just can't believe I no longer have a baby, but a little boy instead.

We had a wonderful day.

He woke up and had some mummy and daddy cuddles in bed before we went and got him some balloons to play with, he thought they were great!! We then took him out to see his present, a brand new trike!

After that it was a bit of party prep for us, but Jordy was quite happily playing.

After his nap it was party time, lots of his family and friends turned up to wish him happy birthday, he got to play with all of his friends and then came cake! (yum!) and presents!!

It was a huge day for our little boy and he was exhausted by the end of it.

Today we were off to Australia Zoo to look at all the animals. He absolutely loved it.

One of his new words at the moment is bird, so he looooved looking at all of the birds in the zoo. We also went to the baby animal petting zoo and he patted some goats, sheep and saw some pigs. We then wend and patted a wallaby. We also had a ride on the shuttle bus before we got to see some elephants, red pandas and the tigers! Next stop was to pat a koala, then we went to watch the tiger show and saw them playing around and jumping in the pool! It was so much fun.

Jordy was getting pretty tired by this stage, so we just went to see the wombats, and then went into the bird aviary, he saw some ducks and then learnt another new word and was quacking at us for the rest of the afternoon lol.

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend, and have some wonderful pictures and videos, have a look on my facebook for evidence :)


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