Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jordan is almost one

The countdown is on until the first birthday.... Only 3 sleeps to go.

As we move closer to this milestone, it makes me contemplate the last year. It has been a year of such joy.... yes quite a bit of sleep deprivation, but I would take that any day over the sadness of not having a child.

He is just such a pleasure to have in our lives, he is a happy little fellow, loves to play, giggle and be the centre of attention. I just love him to bits :) Talking is going well, he babbles away all day long lol, I think he's going to be one of those children that never shuts up! He can say mum, dad, nan, bub, bird, hello, yeah, no and bye.

He is also making great gains in walking and is finally venturing off on his own without us having to coax him to walk lol. He is so proud of himself when he manages to get where he wants to go and giggles and laughs.

Birds are his favourite thing and he loves looking for them outside and whenever he hears them he will point and go bird, and will continue to point until I take him to look lol.

It is just so hard to comprehend that the last year has already passed, it's such a blur that I struggle even to remember how little he was.... I wouldn't change it for the world and he has made our lives so much fuller for being a part of it.


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