Monday, May 18, 2009

My little boy is so clever

It continually surprises me just how much Jordan takes in on a daily basis.

This morning I went to get him out of bed and he'd thrown his toy elephant out of the cot as well as his pillow, but had kept his teddy in with him.

I said oh you're playing with your teddies, look your pillow has a teddies on it. He then pointed to each individual teddy bear on his pillow and said teddies!


We had such a busy weekend, but it was a great one, Fred didn't work at all again, woohoo!

On Saturday Jordy went to swimming lessons with Fred and i got a sleep in and breakfast in peace lol, then we went up to Kondalilla falls (near Montville) and had a picnic, it was really nice.

Then yesterday we went down to Brisbane for the Gluten Free Food Show (it was actually pretty disappointing, very small and nothing new there.....

We then went to Southbank for a bit of a walk around.

On the way home we realised the hairdresser would still be open so Jordy got his FIRST haircut! He was so good, he squirmed quite a bit but no crying. I think he was the first really little person the hairdresser had done though as her hands were shaking like mad lol.

After his haircut we decided to take him to visit his grandparents for a while.

We had a wonderful weekend, but we are all sooo tired, Jordy went to bed at 5.30 last night and didn't wake up until nearly 8 this morning lol.

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