Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amy's Birthday

Well, today has been different to how Amy's birthdays normally are.

Normally I hide myself away from the world and mourn, but this year was different because Jordy is here.

Normally I am crying the whole day and I actually really need that day of sorrow to get my feelings out........ this year is completely different as Jordy did everything in his power to make me laugh today.

On one hand, I'm sort of glad hat he did that as he does bring such joy to my world, but on the other hand I feel like I haven't honoured Amy ont he only day that is really hers, as I was too busy dealing with her brother.

I did have a sad day last week where I did think of her all day and had a big cry, so maybe I just got it out early this year.

I have atached some photo's that I took while doing our balloon release. It's something we do each year to honour Amy, I like the thought of sending balloons for her to play with, it's als incredibly peaceful just watching them float upwards.

This year she had 3 balloons, one for each year, but also one from each of us. I give herthe purple one (amethyst is her birth stone, so I associate purple with Amy) and the boys give her a pink balloon each.

Miss you baby girl.

This is a lookout near our house.

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